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Every Prisoner to Every Serve Time on Alcatraz...

Prisoner's Number, Name & Ethnicity (W, B, M, or I), and Prisoner's Crime
1 Bolt, Frank W Sodomy
2 Copp, Charles WRobbery & Attempted Assault
3Gregory, Leon W Robbery, Assault & AWOL
4Harrison, Joseph WSodomy
5Henry, Forrest WRobbery & Assault
6Hicks, Clyde WSodomy
7Hills, Ralph WRobbery & Assault
8Hoke, Albert WRobbery
9Hood, Alan WSodomy
10Holme, Frederick WSodomy & False Enlistment
11Janda, Edward WRobbery
12Johnson, Charles WSodomy
13Johnson, Luby WRobbery & Assault
14Landers, William WRobbery
15Limas, Manuel WForgery
16Marud, John WRobbery & Escape
17Miller, John WRobbery & Assault
18Mumma, William WManslaughter
19Nelson, Jack WDisposing of Military Property
20Paris, Angelo WSodomy
21Payne, William W Sodomy
22Petarson, John WFelonious Assault
23Prokopf, Leo WSodomy & Escape
24Riley, Joseph WRobbery & Disobedience
25Sodoma, Frank WRobbery
26Soliwode, Joseph WRape
27 Vinson, Harold WRobbery
28 Walters, Ervie W
29 Weber, George W Attempted Rape & Assault
30 Wilde, George WRobbery
31 Wolfe, Gilbert WRobbery & Assault
32 Woody, Harold W Robbery & Assault
33 White, Frederick W Drug Act
34 Moxon, Robert W Postal Laws & Parole Violator
35 Cole Elmer W Counterfeiting & Escape (E.R.)
36 Raap, Verrill W P.O. Robbery (E.R.)
37 Souza, Frank W Counterfeiting
38 Reynolds, Perry W Larceny on Govt Property
39 Fernandez, Hal W Larceny (Alaska) (E.R.)
40 Burke, Joseph W Viol. Postal Laws (E.R.)
41 Dean, Harry W Assault on Mail Clerk
42 Boyd, William W Impersonating Federal Officer (E.R.)
43 Walsh, James W Murder (E.R.)
44 Smith, Mack W P.O. Robbery & Larceny (E.R.)
45 Kerr, George W Viol. Postal Laws (E.R.)
46 Stadig, John W Counterfeiting & Escape (E.R.)
47 Wutke, Edward W Murder
48 Lewis, Edgar W P.O. Robbery & Counterfeiting (E.R.)
49 Kelly, Walter B P.O. Robbery
50 Kennedy, Willie B Burglary, Larceny & Attempted Rape
51 Brown, Thurman B Robbery, Housebreaking & Assault (E.R.)
52 Weston, Herbert B Murder (District of Columbia)
53 Fontaine, Harold W Assault with Intent to kill
54 Golebrowski, John W Sodomy
55 Moten, Frank B Robbery (District of Columbia)
56 Brown, Benjamin B Murder (District of Columbia)
57 Simmons, William W P.O. Robbery & Assault
58 Kronz, George W Postal Laws: Robbery & Assault
59 Fondren, Pearl W P.O. Robbery, Assault & Conspiracy
60 Colson, James W Assault & Robbing US Mails
61 Eaton, Ruey W Conspiracy, NMVTA, Stealing Govt Property (E.R.)
62 Beardon, Walter W NMVTA
63 Coleman, Robert B Mail Robbery
64 Waters, Francis B Robbery (District of Columbia)
65 Marsh, James W Robbery of Mail
66 Messamore, John W Assault to Rape & Escape (E.R.)
67 Montgomery, Harold W Assault on Mail Carrier & Robbery
68 Watts, J. W Assault on Mail Custodian & Robbery
69 Marques, Armand W Arson
70 Fulbright, Floyd W NMVTA
71 Schmidt, Ludwig Robbing US Mail & Assault (E.R.)
72 Krug, Charles W Sodomy
73 Gogich, Lazar W Conspiracy & Counterfeiting
74 McIntosh, Leo W NMVTA (E.R.)
75 McNeely/McNealy James W P.O. Robbery & Conspiracy
76 Zuckerman, Louis W Sodomy & Assault (E.R.)
77 Morland, Thomas W Murder (Prisoner at Leavenworth)
78 Cleaver, Charles W Conspiracy & Robbing US Mails (E.R.)
79 Wareagle, Thomas I Kidnapping & NMVTA
80 Bender, John I Stealing Govt Property & Burglary
81 Denny, Theodore I Assault on Postmaster
82 Hooker, Stanley W NMVTA & Murder (Prisoner at Chillicothe)
83 Walton, James W Robbery & Grand Larceny (District of Columbia) (E.R.)
84 Thomas, John W NMVTA
85 Capone, Alphonse W Income Tax Laws
86 Carter, William W Robbery & Grand Larceny (District of Columbia)
87 Van Gorder, Hayes W Forgery & Using the Mails to Defraud (E.R.)
88 Matchok, Joseph W Counterfeiting (Passing) (E.R.)
89 Buckner, Walter W Forging US Obligations (E.R.)
90 O'Brien, Edward W Robbery of Mails & Assault
91 Patterson, Lester W Robbery of Mails
92 Bicks, Frank W Murder
93 Costner, Isaac W Robbery of Mails & Assault
94 Gempp, William W NMVTA & Escape (E.R.)
95 Larry, Henry W Postal Laws: Stealing Mail (E.R.)
96 Lepinski, Frank W P.O. Robbery
97 Mangiere, Charles W NMVTA
98 Reiss, Charles W Counterfeiting
99 Ritchey, William W Larceny Interstate
100 Wilmoth, Virgil W Counterfeiting
101 Murdock, Theodore W Counterfeiting
102 Walden, Spencer W Robbery, Transport of Stolen Auto & Transp. of Female (Mann Act) (E.R.)
103 Dickerson, Howard W Murder (District of Columbia)
104 Donohue, John W Robbery & Abduction (District of Columbia)
105 Kendrick, John W Assault with Intent to Kill (District of Columbia) (E.R.)
106 Sweeney, Elmer W Robbery and Assault with Dangerous Weapon (District of Columbia)
107 Best(Besmanoff) Albert W False Pretenses (District of Columbia)
108 Retsner, John W Robbery (District of Columbia)
109 McDonald, Arthur W Robbery (District of Columbia) (E.R.)
110 Gardner, Roy W Robbery of Mails
111 Grindle, Hubert W Sodomy & Manslaughter
112 Brownie, Frank W Drug Act Viol. (E.R.)
113 Morris, Daniel W Mail Robbery
114 Alcorn, Gordon W Conspiracy to Kidnap
115 McDonald, Bert W Murder
116 Dixon, Riley W Assault of Mail Custodian
117 Kelly, George W Kidnapping (Urshel)
118 Varsalona, Joe W Postal Laws: Extortion
119 Westbrook, Charles W Robbery of Mails
120 Alexander, Joseph W Assault & Robbery, Armed
121 Talarico, Mike W Postal Laws: Mailing Extortion Letter
122 Badgett, Lewis W P.O. Robbery & Assault
123 Lagomarsino, Ray W Mail Theft (E.R.)
124 Perry, James W Robbery of Mails (E.R.)
125 Chapman, Frank W Drug Act Viol. (E.R.)
126 May, William W P.O. Robbery & Conspiracy
127 Stevens, Olin W P.O. Robbery & Conspiracy, Drug Act
128 Pettijohn, Milton W Robbery of US Mails
129 Sargeart, James W Robbery of US Mails & Assault (E.R.)
130 Keating, Francis W Robbery of Mails (E.R.)
131 Brown, Stanley W P.O. Robbery, Assault & Escape (E.R.)
132 Berta, Charles W Robbery of Mails, Assault with Intent to kill & Escape (E.R.)
133 Boyd, John W Robbery of Mails & Assault (E.R.)
134 Ryan, Phil W Robbery of Mails
135 Sherwood, E. W Assault on Mail Carrier & Robbery (E.R.)
136 Barnett, Howard W Robbery of Mails & Conspiracy
137 Bates, Albert W Kidnap & Hold for Ransom (Urshel) (E.R.)
138 Holden, Thomas W Robbery of Mails with Firearm (E.R.)
139 Bailey, Harvey W Kidnap & Hold for Ransom (Urshel) (E.R.)
140 Underwood, Tom W Robbery of Mails with firearm & Escape (E.R.)
141 Nolan, George W Murder
142 Grauer, Harry W Murder (Military)
143 Rogers, George W Murder (E.R.)
144 Miller, Edward W Murder (E.R.)
145 Warren, Byron W Murder
146 Sobalesky, John W Attempt to Commit Rape (E.R.)
147 Ballew, Andrew W Murder
148 Beane, Clement W Postal Laws: Robbery
149 Thomas, Lafayette W Sodomy & Manslaughter (E.R.)
150 Delbano, Frank W Postal Laws: Robbery
151 Belcastro, Rocco W Theft from Interstate
152 Chiese, Frank W Postal Laws: Assault
153 Johnson, Harry W Murder
154 Rowland, Edward W Desertion, Murder & Larceny
155 Tesciona, Frank W P.O. Robbery with Firearm
156 Gouker, Frank W P.O. Robbery & Forgery (E.R.)
157 Gill, Willie B P.O. Robbery (E.R.)
158 Grove, James B Attempted Rape, Attempted Murder & Murder
159 Dotson, Louis B Rape (On the High Seas)
160 Jones, Robert B Murder (District of Columbia)
161 Wallace, Abraham B Housebreaking & Larceny (District of Columbia)
162 Taylor, Acie B Assault, Murder, B&E, Attempted Rape (E.R.)
163 Fitzmaurice, William W Counterfeiting & Escape (E.R.)
164 Martini, Louis W Counterfeiting
165 Stroud, Mack B Postal Laws: Robbery & Assault
166 Harden, Alfred B Postal Laws: Extortion
167 Anderson, Frank W Narcotics
168 Lawrence, Louie W Viol. Narcotic Laws
169 Serfess, Walter W Viol. Narcotics Laws
170 Sullivan, Daniel W Viol. Narcotics Laws
171 Owen, William W Viol. Narcotics Laws
172 Poulas, James W Viol. Narcotics Laws (E.R.)
173 Bowen, Hugh W Murder on Govt Reservation
174 Davis, Robert W Murder
175 Wolf, Ralph W Murder (E.R.)
176 Fisher, Gerald W Robbery, Assault with Intent to Kill
177 Sieman, Jack W Narcotics Trans., Poss., Sale
178 Bouman, Joe W Robbery of Mails & Assault
179 Ballin, George W Robbery, Embezzlement of US Property & Attempted Escape (E.R.)
180 Blackwood, Ira W Postal Laws: Robbery
181 Reed, Pet W Countefeiting & Escape (E.R.)
182 Young, Cal W Countefeiting & Escape (E.R.)
183 Wiggins, Walker W Sodomy, Assault, Theft & Escape
184 Hanna, William W Murder
185 Colyer, William W Murder (E.R.)
186 Levin, William W Viol. Narcotic Laws
187 Loomis, Alfred W Counterfeiting
188 McKee, Frank W P.O. Robbery & Theft
189 Ryan, James W P.O. Robbery
190 Kelly, Harry W Postal Laws: Robbery
191 Tatum, Ralph W Postal Laws: Assault
192 Thompson, Orvil W Rape (on Indian Reservation)
193 Warden, Walter W Postal Laws: Robbery
194 Green, Charles W P.O. Robbery Armed
195 Youngberg, Arthur W Kidnapping & Conspiracy
196 Smith, Clint W Theft from Interstate (E.R.)
197 Satterfield, Joseph W Counterfeiting (E.R.)
198 Sullivan, Harry W Robbery of US Mails (E.R.)
199 Cherrington, Arthur W Postal Laws: Robbery & Conspiracy (E.R.)
200 Spark, Walton W Postal Laws: Robbery & Conspiracy
201 Fallon, Daniel W Postal Laws: Robbery & Conspiracy
202 Moore, Ross W Counterfeiting
203 Norton, James W P.O. Robbery
204 Telfian, Charles W P.O. Robbery
205 Collins, Floyd W Postal Laws: Assault & Forgery
206 Minnema, Howard W Counterfeiting (E.R)
207 Macklin, Elmer W Counterfeiting
208 Audett, Theodore W Dyer Act & Escape (E.R)
209 Carroll, John W Forgery, Conspiracy & Escape (E.R)
210 Bowers, Joe W Postal Laws: Robbery
211 Allen, Jack W Counterfeiting
212 Kilpatrick, Stewart W Counterfeiting
213 Urbaytis, Joseph W Robbery of Mails & Conspiracy (E.R)
214 Mahoney, Frank W Murder
215 Baker, Jack W P.O. Robbery & Escape (E.R)
216 O'Brien, Michael W P.O. Robbery & Escape (E.R)
217 Armes, Monroe W Resisting US Officers
218 Raymond, Robert W Postal Laws & NMVTA
219 Conroy, Earl W P.O. B&E & Theft
220 Hardin, Jack W Nat'l Bank Robbery & Dyer Act
221 Spain, Loren W Postal Laws Violations
222 Snow, Cecil W P.O. B&E & Dyer Act
223 Kyne, Harry W P.O. B&E & Theft
224 Lucas, James W Nat'l Bank Robbery & Dyer Act (E.R)
225 Skoog, Al W P.O. B&E
226 Doll, Edward W Dyer Act (E.R)
227 Kulick, John W Murder (E.R)
228 Hall, Harlan W Aiding & Abetting Escape (E.R)
229 Watkins, Jesse W Murder (S.F. Presidio)
230 Whitaker, Norman W NMVTA
231 Cochran, Cecil W Assaulting Govt Officer
232 Dunn, John W Robbery (District of Columbia)
233 Berlin, Samuel W Robbery (District of Columbia)
234 Carroll, John W Robbery (District of Columbia)
235 Vessila, James W Robbery (District of Columbia)
236 Terry, Milton B Murder (District of Columbia)
237 Davis, George B Housebreaking & Larceny (District of Columbia)
238 Chase, John Paul W Killing Federal Officer
239 Bartlett, William W Counterfeiting & Possession
240 Deshelley, Luis W Counterfeiting & Possession (E.R)
241 Delmar, Frank W Nat'l Bank Robbery & Kidnapping (E.R)
242 Clark, James W Nat'l Bank Robbery & Kidnapping (E.R)
243 Smiddy, Ennis W Nat'l Bank Robbery & Kidnapping (E.R)
244 Young, Henry (Henri) W Nat'l Bank Robbery
245 Wiley, E. W Forgery & Counterfeiting
246 Kalinoski, Joseph W P.O. Robbery with Violence
247 Berman, Jacob W Using Mails to Defraud & Conspiracy
248 Waley, Harman W Kidnapping & Interstate Commerce Act
249 Thompson, George W Drug Act & Conditional Release Violator
250 Giles, John W Postal Laws: Assault on Mail Custodian, Attempted Escape (E.R)
251 Gaydon, Walter B Robbery, Assault with Intent to Kill & Assault with a Dangerous Weapon
252 McGlone, John W Conspiracy, Robbery of the Mails, Assault & Kidnapping
253 Fisher, Joseph W Conspiracy, Robbery of the Mails & Assault
254 Rettich, Carl W Conspiracy, Robbery of the Mails & Assault
255 Harrigan, Charles W Conspiracy, Robbery of the Mails, Assault & Kidnapping
256 Dugan, Thomas W Conspiracy, Robbery of the Mails, Assault & Kidnapping
257 Hensley, Jack W B&E (P.O.) & Assault (E.R)
258 Cole, Theodore W Kidnapping (E.R)
259 Phillips, Burton W Kidnapping & Nat'l Bank Robbery
260 Roe, Ralph W Armed Robbery of Nat'l Bank
261 Goode, John W Postal Laws: Assault, Robbery & Dyer Act
262 Rector, Rollie W Nat'l Bank Robbery (E.R)
263 Limerick, Thomas W Nat'l Bank Robbery & Kidnapping (E.R)
264 Lloyd, Jack W Nat'l Bank Robbery, Armed
265 Unsell, Aubrey W Nat'l Bank Robbery & Kidnapping
266 Egan, Earl W Transportation of Kidnapped Person & Interstate Commerce
267 McCain, Rufus W Nat'l Bank Robbery, Kidnapping & Dyer (E.R)
268 Barker, Arthur W Nat'l Bank Robbery & Conspiracy to Transport Kidnapped Person
269 Binkley, Homer W Nat'l Bank Robbery & Kidnapping
270 Cert, Warren W Nat'l Bank Robbery
271 Davis, Volney W Conspiracy to Transport Kidnapped Person (E.R)
272 Kralj, John W Nat'l Bank Robbery Armed
273 Verheul, Ernest W Nat'l Bank Robbery
274 Leaman, William W Nat'l Bank Robbery
275 Rhodes, Jack W Postal Laws: Assault of Mail Custodian
276 Pivaroff, James W Postal Laws: Assault on Mail Custodian
277 Clay, Clarence W Kidnapping
278 Brammer, Webb W P.O. Robbery Armed & Assault
279 Carter, James W Nat'l Bank Robbery (E.R)
280 Clayton, Hicks W P.O. Robbery Armed (E.R)
281 Kales, Louis W P.O. Robbery Armed & Assault
282 Huffsitler, John W P.O. Robbery, Receiving Stolen Property, & Injuring Mail Bags and Personal Property
283 Harper, Francis W Nat'l Bank Robbery (E.R)
284 Persful, Rufe W Kidnapping & Robbery
285 Sadler, Herman W Nat'l Bank Robbery (E.R)
286 Neumer, Richard W Bank Robbery & NMVTA
287 Butcher, Hugh W Counterfeiting
288 DuPont, John W NMVTA
289 Johnson, Roy W NMVTA
290 Brown, Charles B Robbery (District of Columbia) (E.R)
291 Minor, Andrew B Murder (District of Columbia)
292 Sullivan, Ralph W Assault & Receiving Stolen Property
293 Conway, Bryan W Murder
294 Harpin, Harold W Kidnapping & Dyer Act
295 Phoenix, Donald W Kidnapping & Conspiracy (Bremer Kidnap Case)
296 Streng, A. John W Assault on P.O. Carrier & Robbery
297 Sawyer, Harry W Kidnapping & Conspiracy (Bremer Kidnap Case)
298 King, William W Nat'l Bank Robbery
299 Farmer, Elmer W Conspiracy to Transport Kidnapped Person (Bremer Kidnap Case)
300 Miller, Robert W Counterfeiting & Escape (E.R)

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