Welcome to one of the original Alcatraz sites on the web. My interest in Alcatraz began in high school. Like all high school students I was subjected to report writing. One method to make it tolerable was finding topics I actually found interesting. I went on to do another oral report in college about Alcatraz. At that point the web was just a humble seedling of what it is now. As I sat on my new found knowledge of Alcatraz I realized I could share my research and interest with the world. At that time the National Parks had a web site with a small paragraph dedicated to Alcatraz. This was the extent of data on the web about Alcatraz. So, I set out to make the Gazette.

I find Alcatraz to be one of the most interesting places in the United States. I hope you find this site exciting and interesting. I recommend finding your way to Alcatraz for a visit.

Alcatraz has always been a place of mystery and always will be. Some mysteries lie under the landfill, some lie in the many reports filed away, but some remain in the memories and stories of the people who lived and served time there. I hope that this site gives you a taste of Alcatraz. Besides learning more about Alcatraz, I hope to give you a small piece of the mystery that lies within Alcatraz. More than knowledge, I wish to pass the curiousities of Alcatraz.


The National Parks Services
Federal Bureau of Prisons
The Warden Johnson Years


Alcatraz Cruises

View of Alcatraz from the east.

Here we go again!?!

This site has been down for nearly two years, but is now back on the web where it belongs. It has been 14 years since this website made its debut as the Alcatraz Gazette and boy have things changed. I remember when I first started this little project, putting up a website about Alcatraz... That was in early 1996. The site got a major visual overhaul in 1998 and been pretty much the same ever since. I have decided not to change the look or feel of this website. I still like the concept of the Alcatraz Gazette and frankly I'm pretty busy. I will try to keep things up to date and such, but be patient. Remember, this is only a humble hobby of mine.

I now have a yahoo group for the Alcatraz Gazette. Post messages, interact, post pictures, have fun, be nice and enjoy this great big cyber world we've created.

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HISTORY:A historical look at the island called Alcatraz centrally located in San Francisco Bay,

FORTRESS: Alcatraz has even served it's country in times of war and peace as an outstanding fortress.

PRISON: Alcatraz is most often remembered as the gruesome prison, "The Rock", check out the story here.

INDIAN OCCUPATION: Just when alcatraz thought it was without its uses, it found itself in the middle of a highly controversial political movement.

NATIONAL PARK: Alcatraz is currently retired in style and is a member of the National Parks and Recreation system.

TRAVEL: You too can visit Alcatraz! This page is full of advice and information you need before you pack your bags!

EDITOR: Our Editor in Chief will try her hand at debunking the myths in her quest for information.

Here are ALL the books about Alcatraz that I have used in my research and recommend highly.


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